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Jeronimo Milo

He is a renowed Martial Artist since 1991. He teaches and manages a traditional martial arts gym. In 2008 he started making kettlebells in Argentina.
In the same year he brought Steve Cotter to argentina to give the first IKFF seminars in Latin America.In the same year he traveled to Los Angeles to obtain his first Certified kettlebell with Steve. In 2010 he to Haltern - Germany to obtain his second certified.In 2005 he wrotte the book “Choy Li Fat Kung Fu” and one year later he created “San Ti Magazine”, one of the best Martial Arts Magazine. In the 2007 he published his second book “Chi Kung - Static Stances and Still Meditation”.He also writtes a lot of articles and essays in magazines and the internet.Today he trains internal martial Arts and Chi Kung with Master Chao Piao Sheng, Jiu Jitsu with Marcos Rios and Kettlebells with Steve.